You have insurance questions, we have answers!

We are about PEOPLE, their PRIORITIES, and their FUTURES.

Krol Insurance is an independent insurance agency which means that we work for you.
Our independence allows for us to search our many companies to match the best products to fit your current and future needs.

In life and death, we all need these four professionals:
1.  Attorney – to complete legal papers – Wills, Durable Power of Attorney, etc.
2.  CPA – to figure the best tax angles.
3.  Preacher – to attend to our spiritual needs.
4.  Insurance Advisor – to PAY the other three.

46 years has taught us to listen, imagine, and build futures and programs, one client at a time.

Please feel free to contact us with your needs via email using the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page; or

By calling our office in Frankfort at:
502-875-3477, or
502-875-3615 (fax); or

By mail at:
109 St. Clair St
P. O. Box 1818
Frankfort KY 40602-1818.

Dennis C. Krol, CLU

Some of the companies we work with for you include:

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