Individual – Group

We offer health, dental, and vision insurance for Groups, Individuals without Group Coverage, Independent Contractors, Dependents and Students, Short Term Needs, COBRA Alternative, Self-Employed, and Small Businesses.

There are only two major obstacles to  Health Insurance:

1. Too Expensive to Buy
2. Too Expensive to Use
3. Individual health or individual with spouse(and/or children) may be less expensive than group coverage.

We build programs to reduce both obstacles:  first by listening, then by asking questions, reviewing available policies, and then advising on our findings.

The “Cycles of Life” play a most important part in the decision making process for health insurance products.

INDIVIDUALS may click on the Anthem or  Humana internet link to do an online health insurance application.

INDIVIDUALS may also click on the  CompBenefits/Humana, Citizens Security, or Avesis (vision only) internet  links to do an online dental or vision insurance application.

GROUPS will need to submit a census of your employees in order to prepare an insurance quote for your company.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 502-875-3477 to discuss your health insurance needs.

Or Contact Us to send us an email request, and I will contact you to discuss the details of your particular needs.