Other Services Offered

Krol Insurance offers a number of other services to individuals, groups, and businesses. We invite you to review the information and contact us.


We use a Team Approach partnering Financial Planners, Attorneys, and CPAs, as necessary. Coordination is the key – what you want done – when you are not here to do it!


Disability Insurance for Individuals

Groups- Business Buyouts, Disability or Death

Short and Long Term Disability policies


CNA Surety web logoWe offer Surety, Financial Obligation, Court, and Performance bonds to meet your needs.

You can print out the appropriate bond application by clicking on the CNASurety image. After completing the application, fax the application to Krol Insurance at 502-875-3615. We will process the application and contact you after approval.

The Bond form is prepared in our office for your convenience.


Small Contractors, Plumbers, Retail Stores, Service Industry, etc. with

Liability, Worker’s Compensation, Employee Benefit Programs and Surety Bonds


Lloyd's of LondonAs an independent agent, we offer specialty insurance┬áservices for those activities in life which may be difficult to insure. Examples would include: homes valued in excess of $500,000, specialty collections, business startups, etc. We use one of the world’s leading speciality insurance markets. Their underwriters are known throughout the world for devising tailored, innovative solutions for complex insurance needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 502-875-3477 to discuss your hard to insure, or specialty insurance needs.

Or click the Contact Us button to send us a request, and I will contact you to discuss the details of your particular needs.