Retirement Planning

Early retirement planning with professionals creates a graceful retirement.

We offer financial and health related retirement planning services to individuals and groups.


  • Life Insurance
  • Fixed Annuities – Lifetime Incomes
  • Social Security Planning
  • Medicare Supplements
  • Legacy’s for College

Will you be ready ?

  • Medical Science can allow us to enjoy more years of retirement than working years


If you are looking for dental and vision insurance to cover you and your family during your retirement years, we have an individual plan which will meet your needs.

Citizens Security Group logoClicking the Citizens Security Group logo will take you directly to the retiree portion of their web site where you can view their dental and vision plan offerings, or look for a provider in your area. Clicking on your plan(s) of choice will show you cost and coverge options, and you can click on the application link near the bottom of the page. You will need to print out the blank application form. Then fax the completed application to Krol Insurance at 502-875-3615.

Humana logo agent internet linkClicking the Humana logo will take you directly to their web site where you can access their dental enrollment form (C550) online. You may also view or print out the schedule of benefits from that web page.  Humana will allow you to fill out the form online.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 502-875-3477 to discuss your retirement and estate planning needs.

Or Contact Us to send us an email request, and I will contact you to discuss the details of your particular needs.