Although you have Medicare Parts A & B, there are still gaps in the coverage that require a Medicare Supplement and Part D Rx.

Remember: Apply within six months of the effective date of your Medicare coverage of Part B and you will have guarantee issue of Medicare Supplements.

Part D Rx- suggests you apply when you first become elgible @ age 65 so as to prevent a 1% premium penalty per month.

  • Financial Planning
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Estate Planning and Estate Conservation
  • Medicare Supplements
  • Medicare Part D Rx
  • Grandparent’s Legacy

We use the “team approach” by utilizing attorneys, certified public accountants, and investment advisors as necessary to meet your goals.

Note: Life expectancy has risen in the USA to  77.9 years!

citizens_securityClicking the Citizens Security Group logo will take you directly to the retiree portion of their web site where you can view their dental and vision plan offerings and you can locate  a provider in your area.  Clicking on your plan(s) of choice will show you cost and coverge options, and you can click on the application link near the bottom of the page. You will need to print out the blank application form; then complete the application form; and then fax the completed application to Krol Insurance at 502-875-3615.

humana-green-logo-156x32Clicking the Humana logo will take you directly to the CompBenefits / Humana web site where you can access their dental enrollment form (C550) online. You may also view or print out the schedule of benefits from that web page. CompBenefits will allow you to fill out the form online.

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